T̶h̶e̶ ̶E̶n̶d̶? The Beginning.

Let me start at the moment that signified the end of an era for me: Losing Spotify Student. That’s right, last night I was charged $9.99 for Spotify, lost access to Hulu and realized that I am not in Kansas anymore.

With Kansas being the lofty and relatively carefree student world of my youth, I, much like Dorthy, have been full on catapulted into another world entirely.

While I still have the safety net that is my mother at my side, this adult thing is surprisingly not a joke anymore.

Leaving me to wonder…

Am I ready for Oz?


“The end is simply the beginning of an even longer story” Zadie Smith


That’s the quote I snatched from an Oprah magazine when I was about 14 years old.

Over the last 8 years it has hung in every place I’ve ever considered home:

my childhood bedroom.  my high school dorm room. my college bathroom.

…and now, it hangs haphazardly taped to the wall of my closet in the apartment I share with my mom. Those words have given me a lot of closure over the last couple of months as things seem to end. and end. and end.

Speaking of endings, another end has had me reeling as of late.

All summer I was a proud, if slightly stressed, intern at the Tampa Bay Times living my dream. I darted around in my little Ford Focus taking pictures of everything from dead bodies to glass blowers.

But, it ended.

The following day I received notice that I had lost access to the company creative cloud account and a few days later I was taken off the Times Slack. Just like that, the story was over.

So, with all these endings, I’ve been searching for the next thing, mostly as a way to keep my mind off the impending doom that is becoming an adult and wanting to do it all “right” (more on that in another post). But, until I figure that out, it is with great pleasure that I recall the facts:

that the end is simply the beginning of an even longer story…

…and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a real page turner.

If you have also been feeling like your life as of late has included a never ending parade of finales, hold on, sit tight and get ready.

The great TV Producer in the sky has got another season coming up starring YOU! The ratings? Out of this world.

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