Full Potential: 001

I once read that ideas belong to no one.

Rather, they float around carelessly in the air just above our little human heads, waiting to be seen, seduced and lured into the waking world.

If that’s the case, the good news is that I happen to be particularly good at stumbling upon ideas…

…notably practiced in the art of seduction…

…and notoriously bad at bringing most of them anywhere near fruition.

And therein lies my problem, reader.


I have very big dreams.

There are films yet to be screened and words to be invented. There are awards to win! There are people to save! 

My obviously gold studded destiny is just waiting on the green light, but it’s stuck on yellow at what might be the slowest moving traffic signal in the world: me.

To put it plainly, I have commitment issues. Or at least, I imagine that’s how a therapist would phrase it to me as they tried to gently explain why it is that I’m still not Oprah Winfrey.

Of course, there is no path laid out to become the next Oprah Winfrey — only an opportunity to become the greatest version of the artist formerly known as me: said artist now goes by the symbol &.

So, on a good day, I wake up before my alarm, I eat oatmeal, I dance around my room to Lizzo’s latest and I feel quite confident about who I want to be.

On a REALLY good day, I’m even pretty clear on what it will take for me to get there.


Mostly it involves continuing to eat oatmeal, a fair amount of hydration and the willpower to actually put my photographs and videos out into the stratosphere, apply for the positions my heart longs for and go to sleep when I say I’m going to.

Namely, it involves keeping my own promises to me.

For some reason, the plan also involves this blog.

Maybe it’s about accountability. After all, if these words never greet the eyes of a living being other than myself, they will at least serve as documentation of my journey.

And at it’s most grand, it can serve as a roadmap, recipe or inspirational treasure chest for the goal-driven dreamers in us all, stubbornly trekking along a similar path hoping to reach our full potential.

So, cheers to us. Cheers to our goals. And, above all, cheers to the will to begin again each and every time we inevitably fail at reaching them.

Because no one cares how many times you fall down. What matters most of all is that you always find the strength to stand back up.

May you find fulfillment on your path to building the very best version of yourself.

With light and love,


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