Meeting Myself: The Self Discovery Project

It all started with a question I posed to my mom…

then to my friends…

then to anyone who would listen: Do you know yourself? 

The answers can be generally summed up in the following:

“Of course, I know myself, I’m me.”

Everyone seemed so dang confident, so sure of who they were and it made me realize that perhaps…I simply wasn’t. Worse, I feared that I was alone in feeling a bit out of touch.

And to be fair, it’s not that I don’t know myself, it’s that at 23, I’ve come to see myself as a great many things: A student, a teacher, a writer, a photographer, a creative, a feminist, a prankster, an overthinker, a perfectionist…

What I Know For Sure (sort of):

1. I’m a Leo that often presents as Gemini, but deep down has a balancing Virgo moon.

2. According to Myers Briggs, I’m an ENFP, which makes me bubbly, adaptable, and highly communicative.

3. I was once likened to Zooey Deschanel’s character on ‘New Girl’ by a stranger at a party in college and something about ‘quirky, school teacher’ really did ring true for me.

4. I’m the type of person that has memorized most of ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ and will always sing along.

5. I don’t always finish everything I start…

But, who am I really?

What I’m Hoping To Figure Out:

As I set out ever further onto the journey of adulthood, that question, that ‘Who Am I, really?’ plagues me with growing importance because it feels like everything stems from how I answer it.

The depth to which I understand my own needs, desires, vulnerabilities and passions can help me navigate the most important trial of my existence: living a life I won’t regret.

And it’s with that final mission in mind that I set out to know myself deeper, to communicate as authentically as I can, and to rid myself of the pretenses of a society that preys on our insecurities instead of helping us to discover our many gifts

And now, I’m inviting you to take that journey with me.

Enter from stage left, The Self Discovery Project, which is, in essence, my own exploration of what it means to be a human being, what facets of myself are most important to who I am and ultimately, how I can use that growing body of knowledge to build a life that fits me so well I can die happy, fulfilled and free – and maybe you can, too.

The first step? Talking to myself. That’s right, you’ve got to go crazy before you go sane.

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