Come see where I’ve been.

I’ve been fascinated by camera’s since I was 10 years old. Something about being able to capture an experience and share it with the world was awe-inspiring for me. When my dad bought me my first camera, a Kodak easy share, I was instantly smitten.

That being said, my first love was and will likely always be the written word. Long before the beginning of my love affair with visuals, I fell in love with stories. As a writer and more recently as a photographer and filmmaker, my curiosity for the world and the people in it have always fueled me.

With a bachelor’s degree in Art and Social Justice, another in Communication and a background in multimedia journalism and digital marketing, I hope to take my camera-wielding, word weaving , story telling talents out into the world and experience as much of it as I can, sharing those sights and stories along the way.

I hope you’ll be a part of that journey.