My Work

From freelance to full time, I’ve taken thousands of photographs and worked on over a dozen video projects. Here are a few of my favorite storytelling experiences.

Tampa Bay Times

Over two dozen visual projects spanning the entire state of Florida.

As a 2019 summer intern and then freelance photojournalist at the Tampa Bay Times, I enjoyed the thrill of daily photo and video assignments and constant exposure to the Tampa Bay community.

From whale rescues to local protests, small businesses, scientific breakthroughs and community events, I photographed, videotaped and edited my way through the state with pride.

Here are a few of my favorite moments.

Eckerd College

A one stop shop for visually communicating the stories of a community I will always call home.

I graduated from Eckerd College in 2019 and having served as a student photographer for the campus marketing team for much of my time at Eckerd, I returned to be a permanent part of that same wonderful storytelling family in the early spring of 2020 as the Digital Content Manager.

Since then, I have been sharing the stories of the campus community through traditional, web based and 360 video work, photography, social media management and, most importantly to me, by encouraging and providing the tools for students themselves to share their own stories.

As a co-manager of the student creator team that runs the official Eckerd Instagram page, I’ve proudly helped students embrace and hone their own ability to tell their Eckerd story.

Freelance & Volunteer

Sharing visual stories in-state and abroad.

Over the last 5 years as a freelance photographer and videographer with my studio, Angelique Herring Studios, I’ve had the honor of sharing community events like the Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival and The Girls On The Run 5k.

I have also published work in Bay Magazine, FORUM Magazine and the Tampa Bay Times.

Additionally, I have enjoyed documenting memories through event videography and photography in addition to supporting the careers of upcoming artists, creators and world changers with headshots and portraits.

Travel & Adventure

An explorer who feel’s most at home telling stories on the road.

I was 4 years old when I boarded my first plane and at the time, I didn’t know how to use a camera. Still, I came back from the inaugural excursion with stories and better yet, with the tell tale affliction of any lifelong adventurer: the travel bug.

Since then, I’ve been from Panama to Iceland to South Africa and I’ve still got ‘everywhere’ on my bucket list.

It’s long been my dream to build a career out of exploring the world and telling the stories I find.

You can support that journey by buying prints and merch. All the proceeds go directly to the Adventure Fund, which pays for gas, plane tickets, camera gear and eventually, my very own travel van.

Nature and Environment

Outdoors, capturing the wonder of it all.


I photograph to see the world with wonder. Naturally, I photograph myself in order to see myself with wonder, too.

I’m passionate about self-love and self-discovery because I’m passionate about social justice.

In a society hellbent on making each and everyone one of us us feel as though we’re somehow ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’ (the wrong color, the wrong weight, the wrong sexuality, the wrong religion, the wrong age, the wrong interests etc.) it’s revolutionary to celebrate oneself as ‘right’.

Once we’re less critical of ourselves and more kind to our perceived imperfections, the better we’ll be able to advocate for the people around us, no matter how imperfect or unlike us we believe them to be.

To test that theory, I’m starting with me.

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